Cone Object

  start = c(0, 0, 0),
  end = c(0, 1, 0),
  radius = 0.5,
  direction = NA,
  from_center = TRUE,
  material = diffuse(),
  angle = c(0, 0, 0),
  velocity = c(0, 0, 0),
  flipped = FALSE,
  scale = c(1, 1, 1)



Default `c(0, 0, 0)`. Base of the cone, specifying `x`, `y`, `z`.


Default `c(0, 1, 0)`. Tip of the cone, specifying `x`, `y`, `z`.


Default `1`. Radius of the bottom of the cone.


Default `NA`. Alternative to `start` and `end`, specify the direction (via a length-3 vector) of the cone. Cone will be centered at `start`, and the length will be determined by the magnitude of the direction vector.


Default `TRUE`. If orientation specified via `direction`, setting this argument to `FALSE` will make `start` specify the bottom of the cone, instead of the middle.


Default diffuse.The material, called from one of the material functions diffuse, metal, or dielectric.


Default `c(0, 0, 0)`. Rotation angle. Note: This will change the `start` and `end` coordinates.


Default `c(0, 0, 0)`. Velocity of the segment.


Default `FALSE`. Whether to flip the normals.


Default `c(1, 1, 1)`. Scale transformation in the x, y, and z directions. If this is a single value, number, the object will be scaled uniformly. Notes: this will change the stated start/end position of the cone. Emissive objects may not currently function correctly when scaled.


Single row of a tibble describing the cone in the scene.


#Generate a cone in a studio, pointing upwards: # \donttest{ generate_studio() %>% add_object(cone(start=c(0,-1,0), end=c(0,1,0), radius=1,material=diffuse(color="red"))) %>% add_object(sphere(y=5,x=5,material=light(intensity=40))) %>% render_scene(samples=400,clamp_value=10)
#Change the radius, length, and direction generate_studio() %>% add_object(cone(start=c(0,0,0), end=c(0,-1,0), radius=0.5,material=diffuse(color="red"))) %>% add_object(sphere(y=5,x=5,material=light(intensity=40))) %>% render_scene(samples=400,clamp_value=10)
#Give custom start and end points (and customize the color/texture) generate_studio() %>% add_object(cone(start=c(-1,0.5,-1), end=c(0,0,0), radius=0.5,material=diffuse(color="red"))) %>% add_object(cone(start=c(1,0.5,-1), end=c(0,0,0), radius=0.5,material=diffuse(color="green"))) %>% add_object(cone(start=c(0,1,-1), end=c(0,0,0), radius=0.5,material=diffuse(color="orange"))) %>% add_object(cone(start=c(-1,-0.5,0), end=c(1,-0.5,0), radius=0.25, material = diffuse(color="red",gradient_color="green"))) %>% add_object(sphere(y=5,x=5,material=light(intensity=40))) %>% render_scene(samples=400,clamp_value=10)
#Specify cone via direction and location, instead of start and end positions #Length is derived from the magnitude of the direction. gold_mat = microfacet(roughness=0.1,eta=c(0.216,0.42833,1.3184), kappa=c(3.239,2.4599,1.8661)) generate_studio() %>% add_object(cone(start = c(-1,0,0), direction = c(-0.5,0.5,0), material = gold_mat)) %>% add_object(cone(start = c(1,0,0), direction = c(0.5,0.5,0), material = gold_mat)) %>% add_object(cone(start = c(0,0,-1), direction = c(0,0.5,-0.5), material = gold_mat)) %>% add_object(cone(start = c(0,0,1), direction = c(0,0.5,0.5), material = gold_mat)) %>% add_object(sphere(y=5,material=light())) %>% add_object(sphere(y=3,x=-3,z=-3,material=light(color="red"))) %>% add_object(sphere(y=3,x=3,z=-3,material=light(color="green"))) %>% render_scene(lookfrom=c(0,4,10), clamp_value=10, samples=400)
#Render the position from the base, instead of the center of the cone: noise_mat = material = glossy(color="purple",noisecolor="blue", noise=5) generate_studio() %>% add_object(cone(start = c(0,-1,0), from_center = FALSE, radius=1, direction = c(0,2,0), material = noise_mat)) %>% add_object(cone(start = c(-1.5,-1,0), from_center = FALSE, radius=0.5, direction = c(0,1,0), material = noise_mat)) %>% add_object(cone(start = c(1.5,-1,0), from_center = FALSE, radius=0.5, direction = c(0,1,0), material = noise_mat)) %>% add_object(cone(start = c(0,-1,1.5), from_center = FALSE, radius=0.5, direction = c(0,1,0), material = noise_mat)) %>% add_object(sphere(y=5,x=5,material=light(intensity=40))) %>% render_scene(lookfrom=c(0,4,10), clamp_value=10,fov=25, samples=400)
# }